Single Day Courses:

The single day courses generally designed for group trainings set up as an independent stand-alone program with each participant registering and participating in the course. Most sought after topics are:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Retail Sales & marketing
  • Go-to-Market and Sales
  • Retail scripts and customer Journey
  • Corporate Sales crash course
  • Building retail sales plans


The programs are likely to last for 2-4 days based on the content and premise. We build more of a workshop and interactive sessions (vis-à-vis class room lecture format) to enable more participation as well as prepare valuable assignments.

The programs are built in specific areas:

  • Corporate Sales Programs
  • Retail Sales Programs
  • Government Sales Programs
  • Strategic partnerships and Sales.

For corporate clients we offer a follow up for training programs by offering single day on-site meetings with the team to understand the progress and provide corrective measures.