Changarampatt Manoj is an author, modern leader, motivational guru with a unique blend of commercial experience.His journey started with a humble beginning in a small town in India. From this small town, began a life with basic schooling and traveling to a new town at the age of 16 to pursue higher education. He is an engineer turned Super Salesman, converting his fortunes around by reprogramming his skills over time. 
He has worked and travelled in India, the Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe and Africa.He realized that the benefits of motivation and deliberate creation can affect the outcomes of events. Confidence and self-development are the best lessons that helped him succeed. He is a public speaker, mentor, investor, entrepreneur, trainer and coach. 
At fifty years of age, he believes that life is just beginning. He reads and listens to motivational & spiritual material to further sharpen his saw.
His core belief is that Universe is abundant and there is a lot for everyone to share.
Let Abundance flow in your life!
God bless you!
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