Sales as a profession

While completing my degree, most the jobs that came my way were that of sales. I never realized that it was so important and I looked down up on those positions. I shrugged off the claims of a great career and professional career path in the selling profession. I wanted to stick to my core engineering strength and find a job that justifies the degree.

Years later when I was moving to a sales career, I thought of the day I made a decision not to join sales jobs and only look for engineering jobs. Then came the struggle of understanding what it is. Fortunately another good 4 years later I was sent for a proper training.

Today after many years in the profession I feel that Salespersons are the most important employees in a company. No revenue – No business – No jobs. So why isn’t sales often not given the priority as it should. Why isn’t sales taught in schools and University?

Interestingly, there are professional like Accountants, Finance Managers, Doctors, Engineers, Artists, Lawyers, and such, aspiring to be entrepreneurs too. Being an entrepreneur is way different from being a professional. You need more resilience and you need to build a business. The second part of building a business comes with being alone or with a lean team. A start-up founder is the CEO and heads all functions till revenues can justify more headcount.

Whether you are a millennial, young student, University graduate, young employee, start-up founder, Professional, or a middle-level Manage you will need to learn how to generate revenue in your company. Fortunately, we all are a born Salesperson. Sales skills are easy to learn given a guide. How I wish someone gave me a book when I was 21 that can decode the myths of the sales!